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Our story began in 1985, when Digicon found a unique approach to doing business: providing IT services within the customer's business model. This unusual approach appealed to our customers because they weren't required to stretch their operating budgets. We assessed our clients' infrastructures and provided them with a clear assessment of where they were and where they needed to be. The end result for clients—even those burdened with legacy technology and equipment—was custom network and system optimization solutions that provided optimal performance and reliability for a solid IT fit.

As time went by and customers grew to value our IT services partnership, we expanded our business to provide a greater depth of services and capabilities to both long-term and new customers. And thanks to our commitment to customer service, many of our early customers are still with us today, which is a testimony to our business ethic and our dedication to lasting partnerships.

Beginning nearly a quarter-century ago, Digicon earned a reputation as a well-respected and sought-after IT service partner in a highly competitive marketplace. That's because, at Digicon, we've carefully managed our business growth, selected highly skilled and experienced staff, and diligently planned and managed the expansion of our core proficiencies.

We're extremely proud of our people, their accomplishments, and the awards and accolades earned over the years through their dedication and professionalism. We are also proud and appreciative of the partnerships we have established with product giants like Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Oracle, and Juniper.  These relationships enable us to provide our clients the high-level products and solutions required to meet the demands of today's ever-changing technology.


  • 1985 Developed PC-based real-time monitoring and control system for VSAT
  • 1986 Prototyped self service kiosk for U.S. Postal Service
  • 1989 Employed CASE technology to develop military HR management software
  • 1993 Developed Internet & electronic imaging application - NeXT computer
  • 1995 Developed online electronic tax filing for IRS
  • 1996 Deployed mission-critical automated system to U.S. Army Reserve Units worldwide
  • 2000 Selected by Microsoft to participate in Microsoft .Net Early Adopters Program
  • 2001 Fielded .Net pilot application for U.S. Army Reserve Units
    Designed and implemented VoIP for the White House
  • 2002 Launched .OfficeTM SaaS collaboration application after two years of development
  • 2003 Created secure mobile real-time asset management applications for FAA
  • 2004 Implemented SharePoint for major U.S. Army command
  • 2005 Provided emergency mobile computing for field use by the Red Cross - Hurricane Katrina
  • 2007 Created virtual classrooms that can be placed anywhere in the world for training in the field
  • 2008 Implemented DIACAP for major U.S. Army command
  • 2008 NIH NHGRI software development
  • 2009 Implemented a full life cycle mobile healthcare patient verification system
  • 2009 Cloud computing for State government and academic institutions
  • 2010 U.S. Army Reserve Data Center consolidation
  • 2010 Supported relief efforts in Haiti
  • 2010 Pocket Cop
  • 2011 Green IT initiative