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Employee Ownership

Since we own it, we own our future.

When one buys stock in a company, they are usually looking at the stock history to determine if it's a good investment; other than that, what does one really know about the company? At Digicon, when we buy stock, we know all about the company, the management, and the employees, and know it well, because we are the owners.

Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), which is a stock bonus plan, is a retirement plan under which employer contributions are used to provide us with common stock in the company. As contributions are made to the ESOP, shares of common stock are credited to accounts set up for us. Over the years, we acquire more shares of common stock as more contributions are made. It's a retirement saving plan for us and grows at a better rate than banks provide…especially when we do well.

Our values, the foundation of “being Digicon”:

  • Dedication to managed growth, financial security, and opportunities with challenge;
  • Customers and employees first…always;
  • Recognizing efforts, rewarding success;
  • Promoting unity and communication;
  • Listening well;
  • Accountability to each other; and
  • Excellence in all we do.

For more information about our Employee Ownership Plan, please contact the Human Resources Department at 703-621-1000.

Digicon is an Equal Opportunity Employer.