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State and local government

We listen closely to our customers' concerns so we can provide the best and most practical solutions for state and local governments. It is important that we understand their goals as well as their limitations so that our solutions can strike a solid balance between needs and cost.

For one of our largest municipal customers, a large metropolitan city on the Atlantic coast, Digicon provides ongoing professional support services, network monitoring, and IP telephone management services. Digicon supports the diverse data network communication backbone of the agency, providing voice, video, and data support across the enterprise. Digicon monitors the circuits and data center servers for fault conditions and works directly with vendors to correct those conditions. Digicon maintains all router configurations, provides trending analysis and metrics indicating network performance, and prepares a monthly overview of network performance and issues along with recommendations.

Such large and complex projects offer us the opportunity to work closely with all manner of government organizations, and our participation in their planning teams is a testimony of their confidence in Digicon as a trusted partner for network performance.

Call Digicon at 703-621-1000 for more information on our IT solutions for state and local government.