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IT Service management

How Digicon Defines IT Service Management

Digicon’s Service Management solutions provide our clients with the people, processes, and tools required to ensure their systems are available, their infrastructure is operational, and their network is secure.
Digicon offers the closely interdependent layers of Service Management as one complete solution. These services are provided worldwide by qualified, certified, and cleared personnel.

Systems Management

Ensuring the systems are available
Digicon provides first-class IT services to ensure our clients’ systems are always available to accomplish their missions. Digicon manages tens of thousands of systems, desktops, laptops, mobile devices, backend support systems, storage area networks, and more from a range of customers including the Department of Defense, intelligence agencies, State and local agencies, civilian agencies, and commercial businesses. Utilizing industry best practices and compliance standards such as ITIL, SAS70, and FISMA, Digicon provides on-site support as well as virtual Tier I, II, III, and IV service desk support with tools to automate reports, escalate processes, and provide visibility to our clients at all times. Systems Management is just the first layer. Digicon also delves deeper to provide the Infrastructure Management that allows essential communication between systems.

Infrastructure Management

Ensuring the infrastructure is operational
Having a system that is available is only the beginning. Without the supporting communication infrastructure, an organization may grind to a halt, with potentially catastrophic consequences. These vital capabilities map directly to the operation, administration, maintenance, and provisioning of the entire infrastructure that supports our clients' critical missions. Our services also provide value by dramatically increasing visibility and problem resolution efficiency when events do occur.
With dedication and a friendly attitude, Digicon staff ensures that our clients' infrastructures are always operational, and systems communicate. This second layer of Infrastructure Management still relies on the security of data to facilitate operational missions, which is Digicon’s Security Management capability.

Security Management

Ensuring the network is secure
Security should be intrinsic to any organizational IT structure; without it, systems, infrastructure and the data within are at great risk. Digicon’s Security Management solution transcends both operations and security environments. Our leadership and cyber security professionals provide continuous monitoring of the entire organization to provide clearly defined reports, actionable intelligence, and visibility of the security posture of the network. Digicon has the right people with the right skills who understand that no single tool or product can solve all security needs. Through the assessment of current market trends, and the evaluation of emerging technologies, the security team is able to develop solid recommendations for use in a holistic security plan. Digicon views Federal governance not as another hurdle to overcome, but as an integral part of every security solution.

Customer Benefits

Digicon integrates the essential components of Service Management using a synchronized approach and industry best practices (such as ITIL, SAS70 and FISMA) to deliver a multitude of benefits to our clients. Our customers enjoy more than just cost savings; our service management solution also delivers peace of mind. Additional advantages include:

  • Improved customer service and satisfaction
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Improved control and management of infrastructure
  • Reduced complexity
  • Compliance
  • Supports needs of teleworkers
  • Reduced end-user downtime
  • Shared knowledge base
  • Single source of communication and accountability
  • IT agility and flexibility
  • Accessibility to emerging and innovative technologies
  • Visibility of systems provides actionable intelligence
  • Full incident response reporting
  • Roadmap to continuous improvement
  • Cost savings

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