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“Off-the-shelf isn't meeting our requirements!”
“Why can't I get information when I need it?”
“I'm drowning in data, but finding what I need is a huge task!”
"How do I automate my business processes and close the gaps?"

Sound familiar? These are common complaints we hear when we discuss IT concerns with potential clients. What's even more challenging for customers is that venders often ignore client budget constraints when presenting IT solutions, creating more problems for clients.

At Digicon, we have a different approach. We listen closely to our customers and work with them to understand their IT needs. We craft solid solutions that fit within our clients' business models and budgets. Wherever you are with your IT network life-cycle, we can help your organization attain optimum performance with custom solutions and managed services tailored to the needs of your business.

Digicon's managed services can reduce or alleviate the cost of equipment outlays, expensive IT departments, and elaborate business Internet infrastructures. The end result? We save you time, effort, and money. And because we're far more nimble than larger organizations, we work fast so you see results quickly.

We address every phase in the life-cycle of your e-business infrastructure, and at any time during the life-cycle of your application(s), you can rely on Digicon to scale operations, strengthen security, provide technical solutions, and evaluate your capacity needs. We will also help you plan ahead for future applications.

Digicon offers an array of services based on the latest, best-of-breed technology, and years of experience servicing our diverse client base. With the release of SharePoint 2010, Digicon is on the forefront of delivering business solutions. We simplify outsourcing by developing scalable solutions tailored to the unique requirements of your business.

Digicon Managed Services are designed for organizations of all sizes and types, including non-profit 501(c) ventures, higher education, government agencies, and commercial businesses.

Our broad range of IT services and solutions includes the following:

Contact Digicon today at 703-621-1000 to learn how our team of experts can create custom solutions for your organization's unique business requirements.

We focus on solutions for our customers; we are always thinking ahead for their benefit.