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Virtual Presence™

Virtual Presenceā„¢ is Digicon’s cloud services delivery platform. We believe that organizations and employees should be able to spend valuable time and resources on accomplishing business goals and mission rather than managing complex Information Technology (IT) issues.

Digicon’s Virtual Presence Solutions offer reliable, scalable, and secure Information Technology (IT) solutions utilizing the latest cloud computing technologies to meet the demands of today’s diverse and mobile workforce.

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization replaces traditional, costly, and time-consuming PC desktop life cycle management with a more efficient solution to meet today’s demands for lower costs, tighter security, and greater flexibility. Desktop Virtualization enables IT to centrally store and manage one instance of an operating system, applications, and user settings, then dynamically assemble them on demand.

Reclaim your time and resources

Users experience the freedom and flexibility of having immediate access to information whenever, wherever, on any device. Virtual Presence solutions are free of concerns about security, data loss, scalability, updates, and maintenance, allowing you to reclaim your time and resources to focus on more meaningful pursuits.

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