About Digicon

Digicon is an Information Technology (IT) service provider that focuses on innovation and customer satisfaction. With over 30 years of experience, Digicon has the knowledge and experience you can trust.

Headquartered in a secure facility in Herndon, Virginia, Digicon currently employs approximately 150 professionals supporting a customer user-base exceeding 400,000 nationwide. With established clients in the Federal Government, state and local municipalit ies, educational institutions, and commercial businesses, Digicon continues to grow by providing personalized IT solutions that fit our clients’ business models.


Our story began in 1985, when Digicon found a unique approach to doing business: providing IT services within the customer’s business model.

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Management Philosophy

At Digicon, we promote an environment that empowers employees and encourages innovation.

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Core Values

Digicon’s core values are more than just a list of positive attributes; they are an integral and invaluable part of the company’s everyday operations.

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When our clients’ needs demand immediate support, we’re there putting experienced people on the job long before larger firms can mobilize. When the unexpected occurs, you want a partner you can trust.


Who We Are

We are a company of enthusiasts, dedicated to our clients and their future.

It all started with an idea 

John Wu
John Wu
President, CEO

One day in 1985, a man stood in an unusually long line at the post office.  As he waited, he noticed a large grandfather clock ‘ticking’ loudly with every second. The longer he waited in line, the louder the clock seemed to be.

After 15 minutes, his impatience started to grow. After 30 minutes, he became frustrated and contemplated how he could dismantle the clock piece by piece.

After 45 minutes, the frustration became too much and an idea popped into his head. This idea would eliminate (or at least significantly reduce) post office lines across the country!  It was at this moment, the idea for a self-service post office kiosk was formed. 

This post office hero decided to form a technology company, centered around innovation. 

…centered around innovation.

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