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Auto-Match: The Youth Employment System’s Highly Requested Feature is Here

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Our clients love the Youth Employment System (YES) because it allows them to do everything for job applications processing in one place. Digicon is excited to enhance the system by bringing the auto-match feature to YES.

This powerful software-as-a-service (SaaS) job application system automates and streamlines the employment application process, allowing you to more quickly connect participants with more jobs. The auto-match feature is designed to further help summer youth employment programs (SYEP) and youth employment programs (e.g., YouthWorks, Youth Build, Earn and Learn) match candidates in local communities to a variety of employment and educational opportunities, as well as development programs. Learn more at our next virtual lunch & learn.

With all the candidates and employers in your program’s database, it becomes cumbersome to manually sort through and select the right candidate for a position. YES’s auto-match feature does the work for you, using common skills, interests, location, language, and other chosen factors to match candidates to the right positions. You can also weight factors based on importance. All that your program administrator needs to do is set the skillset criteria in order for the system to match applicants to open positions.

Automating the jobs matching process saves time, resources, and manpower for programs like yours. By reducing required resources and user error, YES increases your program’s participation and success. The auto-match feature increases productivity and efficiency. Our system is easy to tailor for any program, including nonprofits that need to organize and match volunteers.

Sign up for a one-on-one demo so we can show you how easy this is.

Client Success: YES has enabled our clients to streamline and scale their local youth employment programs. The number of applications they manage and process has multiplied due to process automation and the ease of access to our web-based system. For example, since we transitioned Baltimore’s YouthWorks program from using manual paper processes to web-based YES in 2013, the program has grown from processing a few thousand applications to 16,000 per season.

Do more with YES. If you’re facing any challenges or looking for solutions with your current applications process, sign up for a demo of YES to learn how organizations like yours can auto-match candidates to positions based on the criteria of employers and applicants. We’ll walk you through the benefits of the system so you can see firsthand how simple it is to improve your program’s processes with YES.

Match youth to their future careers and employers to the right candidates. Don’t waste more time trying to do it manually! Make sure your program thrives this year.

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